Competitive credit

Guess the institution offering the most competitive credit. Answer: the Treasury! With a rate of 0.3% per year, which could be better? The historically low-interest rates in 2010 were a consequence for those who come to receive an inheritance or who wish to pass their business. Indeed, the legal interest rate, based on the discount rate of the Bank of France, was set in 2011 by the administration of 0.3% per year in the fiscal, against 0.6% in 2010 and 3.7% in 2009. A record. In other words, it is interesting to ask the IRS a “time” to pay certain taxes. And better hurry: “This is probably the last year than the statutory rate is also low,” added Cédric Kasztelan, heritage engineer at Quilvest Private Bank.

How to benefit? First in a series. The tax authorities may authorize the heir to offset the payment of duties. He will then meet every year the interests of this “loan” some particular rate of 0.3%. Knowing that this rate is fixed, that is to say, it will not change over the years. The taxpayer may request to split the reimbursement of 5 years and even 10 years if half of the inherited wealth is “illiquid”, as in the case of real estate.

Deferred payment

It may further request that payment is shifted 2 years. This delay can be obtained in the case of real estate dismembered: the bare owner (children mostly) may pay fees to death of the usufructuary (the survivor).
To accept that the tax authorities must, however, prove that the financial situation does not pay on the nail. It all depends on personal circumstances (divorce, the birth of a child, moving …) and heritage (are blocked sales agreement signed …).

But the level of the legal interest rate is even lower in unlisted companies transmissions. The payment of fees can be deferred for up to 5 years and spanned over 10 years. “Good to know: the rate is even more advantageous if more than one-third of the capital is transmitted,” says Cedric Kasztelan. He reached the rate of 0.1%! Almost free loan … And when a “pact Dutreil” was signed, the basis of rights is reduced by 75%. What considerably lighten the bill, as shown by simulations to “La Tribune” by Quilvest Banque Privée (see illustration).