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The Big Data Hackathon 2018 competition is being held among the specialists in the field of technology problem solving by the Data Analysis Research Center (CeDAR) operating at the ADA University’s Information Technology and Engineering Faculty on June 29-30, with the support of PASHA Bank, the leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan.

The main objective of this competition among young professionals is to find the optimal solution of certain business problems through Big Data analyzes. Big Data Hackathon 2018 participants will be able to prepare a prototype for the product to meet business needs and will be able to discuss its competitiveness in the business environment with other experts and experts.

According to PASHA Bank’s chairman Taleh Kazimov, over the next three years, the Bank has focused its efforts on transforming its business activities and promoting its products and services through digital channels. From this point of view, participating in the competition as part of the Big Data Hackathon 2018 event and as an expert is of great interest and importance to PASHA Bank.


By identifying our position on the market as the “Most Desired Employer in the Digital Area”, PASHA Bank aims not only to support young and experienced professionals in creating promising technical solutions through Big Data analyzes, but also to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of their technical solutions. I am sure that the interest in participating in such events will increase gradually among software developers, business community representatives, and stakeholders interested in applying new technologies in the business environment, “T. Kazimov concluded.




Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering at ADA University Araz Yusubov noted that PASHA Bank is a partner of the Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering at ADA University, as well as sponsors a number of events under the leadership of the faculty in 2018. From the beginning of the year, PASHA Bank has supported the 4th International Big Data Day forum, as well as the hosting of inter-university competition on engineering and robotics. This partnership is also remarkable in terms of creating new opportunities for young professionals, “said Yusubov.