Another picket and incidents in front of Social Development

Demonstrators from social organizations and left-wing sectors, including the Polo Obrero “Tendencia”, led by Jorge Altamira, blocked the Nueve de Julio yesterday, amid high tension that involved clashes with members of the local police.

The demonstrators, who demanded to be received by the Minister of Development, Juan Zabaleta, opposed the police operation and found themselves face to face with the troops who formed a cordon across the avenue and advanced towards them supported by a hydrant truck. In the dispute, large rocks were thrown by people who opposed being evicted from the place.

“They’ve been beating us since today, since we arrived. We want Zabaleta to come,” said one of the protesters, who explained that the demand was for Enhance Work quotas and food delivery. The Polo Obrero Tendencia is a split of the movement of the same name but which no longer belongs to the Partido Obrero but to Politica Obrera, led by Jorge Altamira and Marcelo Ramal.

The POT member said that they were told that “there will be no type of income, there will be no new subsidy for the unemployed and that everyone who is currently receiving the Empower Work must make a consideration of the work in the works and in different tasks, for the 16 thousand pesos without ART, social work or employment stability.

At the same time, he criticized the joint police operation of the City and the federal police as well as “the application of the IMF plan”.

Other social organizations that make up the current called “Piquetera Unity” mobilized on Tuesday before the construction of the same national portfolio, with identical demands, but decided to do so separately.

Yesterday there were, in addition to the POT of Altamira, the groups Ana María Villareal, December 19 and 20, Popular Resistance, MP March 24, Debout those who fight and the Combative Labor Front, among others.

Joel C. Hicks