Armenia and India strengthen cooperation in the field of employment and social protection

YEREVAN, APRIL 28, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Labor and Social Affairs Minister Narek Mkrtchyan said that during his recent visit to India, a number of agreements were reached to enhance cooperation in the employment and social protection sector.

At a press conference in Armenpress today, the minister said it was the first experience of such a level of dialogue.

“India is a very important country for Armenia in the framework of multi-sector cooperation. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that the visit was quite productive and was rich in agreements reached. Working groups have already been formed to deal with the implementation of these agreements,” he said.

In particular, he highlighted the meeting with the leaders of the large state-owned company Skill India. The company cooperates with various professional associations, large companies and is engaged in the development of human skills, training. It also maintains active relations with educational institutions, professional organizations, clarifies priority areas and the type of specialists needed. It trains 60 million people a year. Minister Mkrtchyan informed that a memorandum has been signed with the management of the company on the introduction of such an institute in Armenia.

“India’s experience in training large numbers of people, making them competitive in the job market, is very important to us. Today, we are reassessing our employment programs to make them more targeted. And studying successful international experience is very important here. India has a fairly successful experience in this regard. If we manage to introduce such a system in Armenia, we will be able to offer new avenues of skills development to our citizens,” the minister said.

Mkrtchyan informed that he also had a productive meeting with India’s Minister of Labour, Employment and Environment, and they agreed to sign agreements in a number of directions. A working group has already been formed to take these activities forward. “We will start these activities next week. One of the directions concerns discussions on organized labor migration. As you know, an Indian workforce is attracted to different regions of Armenia. We plan to put this movement on legal relationships, to provide legal advice, to formalize everything that is informal and to provide an opportunity for training,” he said.

The next direction, he said, is the field of social welfare and labor relations, which is being developed again in India. Narek Mkrtchyan said that India is among those unique countries that have given status to remote workers by including them in the welfare system. “It is also important for Armenia. A process of exchange of experience will begin in this direction,” he added.

Joel C. Hicks