At AIDCA, Aisha Salisu advocates for good governance and social development in Nigeria

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of March Energy Limited, Hajia Aisha Salisu has called for good governance to promote unity and social development in Nigeria.

Salisu said so during a speech at the Industry and Development Africa Awards Conference (AIDCA) hosted by Dotmount Communications in Abuja recently.

The aim of the event was to highlight and recognize industry leaders from a wide variety of sectors and specialties across the continent.

She said, “My day is not complete without an association, either through work or through friendship, with different people from various ethnic groups in Nigeria, regardless of their religion. We would choose skill over mediocrity and that doesn’t mean there aren’t those with nepotistic tendencies.

“Ethnic feelings and religion are tools that have been used to tear us apart. But a large majority of us do not live according to this ethnic or religious coloring. We just want good governance.

“Good governance is an approach of government that is committed to creating a system based on justice and peace that protects an individual’s human rights and civil liberties.

“Good governance can also be called Grand Administration, but the success of democracy is impossible without the participation of the people; good governance is an ideal that is difficult to achieve in its entirety. It usually includes well-meaning people who bring their thoughts and ideas from experiences and other human qualities to strategy or policy-making.

Furthermore, Salisu has identified citizen participation as a key element of a system of good governance.

She stated that “good governance is not the sole responsibility of government, recognizing that citizen engagement can complement government efforts to promote it; with our participation, this will help fight corruption, increase service delivery, public finance management, natural resource management, as well as the ability to hold public officials accountable.

According to her, this will result in an improved economy and a better standard for every Nigerian. “Good governance provides a united goal, giving everyone a clear idea of ​​what they are collectively trying to achieve, thus promoting national unity,” she told Pleasures magazine exclusively.

She maintained that feelings of national unity remain crucial in leading the nation towards progress and prosperity. To back this up, she said, “Unity promotes peace and love in a nation. Where people are united, they can make efforts to eliminate vices like corruption.

“It gives people a sense of security because they can get to know each other better and understand each other’s feelings. Unity fosters cooperation and opens opportunities for excellence. The spirit of national unity and good governance plays a crucial role in quickening the pace of a country’s economic wheel.

Joel C. Hicks