AU clamps down on prevention of anti-social activities

Visakhapatnam: Parts of the Andhra University campus have long been a hub for anti-social activities.

When university officials landed on the campus of the Engineering College to lead a clean-up campaign, they were shocked to unearth piles of used condom packets, empty liquor bottles, cigarette packets and syringes on long makeshift beds instead of plastic waste, weeds and leaves.

Especially the space behind the Andhra University College of Engineering hostel where the whole stretch is normally deserted, makeshift beds have been arranged near the trees. After the clean-up campaign, UA officials tightened security on North Campus where anti-social activities were rampant.

Following the murder of a person which occurred near the hostel, the university authorities reinforced security in the deserted places. They also undertook beautification work along the campus. However, lately, we have learned that several foreigners continue to frequent the campus, giving way to suspicious activities. During the clean-up campaign, a makeshift bed with the support of a ladder was also discovered near the bamboos and bushes.

Making it clear that university students have no role to play in such anti-social activities, AU Vice Chancellor, PVGD Prasad Reddy ordered relevant authorities to carry out thorough monitoring of such activities on campus, closer to isolated sections and to consider concrete measures. to prevent the presence of criminals.

As part of the preventative measure, approximately 80 acres of land filled with shrubs and weeds from the AUCE were cleared. Additionally, steps are being taken to raise the compound walls and gates on all sides of the university to prevent outsiders from entering the campus.

However, the university has yet to identify those involved in antisocial activities.

Joel C. Hicks