AU urges Ghana to begin process of ratification of Social Protection Protocol

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Mr. Lefhoko Kesamang, Senior Social Affairs Officer at the African Union Department of Social Affairs, called on the government to initiate the process of ratifying the Social Protection Protocol, which aims to protect vulnerable people by meeting their basic needs. .

He also urged the government to ratify the African Union Protocol on Older Persons and the Protocol on Disability to help address the issues of inequality and poverty that plague many African countries.

“Ghana is already doing very well in these areas, ratifying the protocols will not put more pressure on the government but rather strengthen its efforts,” he said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

Mr. Kesamang, who was a resource person at a national workshop on promoting rights-based legal frameworks for social protection in Africa on Thursday, said that in 2018, 11 countries had signed the Protocol of Social Protection. AU on Disability and three countries had ratified it.

The workshop, which brought together civil society organizations, members of the African Platform for Social Protection (APSP) and officials from the African Union, was coordinated by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Ghana signed the AU Protocol on Older Persons on July 4, 2017 but has not yet been ratified.

Dr. Tavengwa Nhongo, President of the APSP, said that social protection was a right and did not only concern the poor or the vulnerable, but that the rich should also be socially protected.

“Social protection should not be seen as a handout,” he added.

Source: GNA

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Joel C. Hicks