BUP launches social development contest, Devthon 2.0

The Bangladesh University of Professionals Development Leader’s Club (BUPDLC) is launching its most anticipated flagship event, the second edition of DEVTHON. It is the largest social development competition at the university level in the country.

This platform is an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with development practices, allowing them to reflect on the development prospects of the nation and the world while bringing out their creative ideas for development.

In association with BRAC, Devthon 2.0 will ask participants to solve societal problems such as urban poverty, unemployment, etc., and challenge them to come up with the most appropriate approaches to solving these problems.

Nabil Junied Ratul, Co-Secretary of BUPDLC, says, “DEVTHON 2.0 is a platform where you can find the opportunity to study development sectors and critically discuss them to solve a given social case. Through the case competition and the optimal prizes, we are trying to spread the interest of young people in social development.”

There will be two phases in this year’s event which will take place on two different days. One is the Development Case Competition (for undergraduate students), and the other is the Devtalk (a session for young development practitioners).

“I am delighted to be part of such a distinguished event that offers development thinkers a great opportunity to unleash their inherent potential,” said Mamun Or Roshid, Chairman of BUPDLC. “BUPDLC is a promising club for the effective intervention of development prospects.”

In 2020, BUPDLC successfully organized the first edition of DEVTHON, which attracted participation from universities across the country. The club hopes that Devthon 2.0 will also reach its full potential.

Joel C. Hicks