Cabinet agrees to encourage people to restrict social activities

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has said she expects Cabinet to agree to advise people to continue restricting their movements to help reduce the number of Covid cases.

s McEntee said ministers will meet this week to discuss advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet).

Nphet meets with party leaders to discuss the Omicron Covid variant and its impact on health advice in Ireland.

Cabinet will meet on Tuesday and are expected to agree on a number of measures, including restrictions on school game dates, birthday parties and school gatherings.

Ms. McEntee said people are “generally ahead” of government in reducing their social activities.

“We have seen over the past few weeks, especially as the numbers have continued to rise, the general public has pulled out, whether it’s canceling large gatherings or just downsizing and restricting their global movements, “added the Minister of Fine Gael.

“When it comes to children’s birthdays or any other kind of gathering, this is also the case here.

“We are due to meet with Cabinet in a day or two, we have a letter and advice from the Chief Medical Officer and his team. Obviously, we will explore this.

“I guess and I guess at this point that we will advise and encourage people to continue to restrict their movements.

Like everything else with Covid, it takes some weird twists and turns and we always keep everything under controlMinister of Social Protection, Heather Humphreys

“But we have to decide all of this collectively in Cabinet.”

Any agreed restrictions will be aimed at dealing with the number of cases before the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys has not clarified whether there are plans to allow recently unemployed people to claim Pandemic Unemployment Benefit (PUP).

“The PUP is currently paid to people who are part of it and that number has dropped significantly,” added Ms. Humphreys.

“We are down to 55,000 people on PUP – further reduced this week.

“It shows me that people are going back to work, the numbers on the live registry are going down as well.

“Like everything else with Covid, it takes some weird twists and turns and we always keep everything under control. “

Joel C. Hicks