Cerritos College students advocate for more social activities to improve mental health

Students at Cerritos College report their mental health is deteriorating. The college offers several resources for mental health problems during the fall semester of 2021. Photo credit: Vincent Médina

Students at Cerritos College report feeling tired, stressed and anxious as they approach midterm. While some students took advantage of the support offered by the college to maintain their sanity, others do not.

According to the JED Foundation, 63% of students in the United States have reported a decline in their mental health since the start of the pandemic, and about 59% of those students question their ability to take care of their mental health.

The majority of sources interviewed for this article have chosen to remain anonymous.

“You’re like almost zoned out from the world around you because you’re trying to get that focus,” said an anthropology student from Cerritos College. “You almost lose that sense of yourself.”

The students noted that the emotions provoked by school are surmountable. A majority are aware of the mental health resources available on campus, but choose not to use them.

“I think schools are doing a good job of supporting our mental health, a lot of students know what’s out there but aren’t going to seek help,” said student Andrew Galvan, who has yet to decide. of a major. “It’s really up to the student to decide if they want to get help and talk about things.

Students who used the mental health resources available to them said they found them very useful. Some students reported participating in these programs last year when the off-campus mandate was introduced.

Due to the reluctance of individuals to seek help, students believe educational institutions should be doing more.

“Weekly mental assessments should be mandatory on campus, there are a lot of students struggling with different mental illnesses and especially now with the pandemic,” said a nursing student from Cerritos College. “Mental health is very important, it can also affect your physical health. If the school could raise more awareness and do something every week or even every day that would be great. “

Many students felt that the instructors were under the same stress as them and suggested that the school also offer services to teachers on campus.

“I think we have to offer something to teachers, we are all human. Teachers are just as important as us, they should have the same resources as us, ”said the nursing student.

Since returning to campus, some students have felt their stress levels decrease slightly when it comes to schoolwork and mid-term. The students are stressed, but it does not entirely come from the upcoming midterms.

“I feel better coming to campus because I’m away from my own room and I can go out and concentrate more. The only problem with this is that due to COVID I don’t know who I can or cannot sit next to and that stress level comes back. Said the anthropology student.

According to NBC News, distant students are more prone to stress compared to students who returned to campus.

Hybrid students report feeling closer to their teacher when they see them on campus, but don’t feel fully confident or comfortable approaching them due to the COVID-19 cases that have surfaced.

A Cerritos College student has raised concerns about the number of social skills affected by the pandemic, adding additional stress to students. Several students mentioned the feeling that they could not have a student-teacher relationship with their teachers due to distance learning.

Due to the pandemic, students have seen their mental health deteriorate.  If you are having difficulty it is important to reach out and get help, free resources can be found here: https://www.cerritos.edu/shs/CrisisSupport.htm
Due to the pandemic, students have seen their mental health deteriorate. They are encouraged to reach out, get help, and use the free resources at Cerritos College on September 29, 2021. Photo credit: Creative Commons & Lily Marmolejo

Now that some students have returned to campus, they have indicated that they would like Cerritos College to do more activities. Encourage students to socialize and become familiar with their campus.

Students under severe stress are encouraged to find adaptation strategies to find relief. Other services offered to students are mental health crisis support line and mental health screening services.

Joel C. Hicks