Chile’s Minister of Social Development resigns after disclosing links to detained Mapuche leader

The scandal that erupted in Chile over the theft of wood led to the arrest of radical Mapuche leader Hector Lalitul, Minister of Social Development, Janet Vegaresigned after leak One of his advisors contacted him recently.

She is the first official to resign from the presidency Gabriel BorikThe president who announced this Thursday to have formally accepted his resignation.

“I have decided to accept the resignation of the Minister of Social Development, Janet Vega,” confirmed the Chilean president during a visit to the north of the country.

Vega, 64, is associated with the Social Democrats Party for Democracy (PPD)Boric left the firm five months after taking office and ten days before the referendum In which the Chilean people will decide whether to approve a reform proposal that the ruling party declares as a new constitution.

Local media X-Ante revealed a report from the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) which indicates that an official from the Ministry of Social Development Can I contact Llaitul To try to schedule a conversation with Vega.

The communication took place the very morning when the head of Arauco-Malleco coordinator (CAM), one of the main Mapuche radical organization working in the south of Chile, called to “the organization” armed resistanceIn response to the militarization of the territory decreed by Borik.

“You also have to pay attention to content and form. The facts we know make it consistent claim political responsibility minister,” said Borrick, who announced that Undersecretary Paula Poblet would take over as interim.

This is not the first controversy involving Vega, who in May, a few days after the contact between his mentor and Lalaitul, Recognized on local television that the Mapuche of Chile are political prisoners,

excited by his words A wave of criticism, including from the ruling party, And the former minister had to correct his remarks a few hours later.

Imprisonment for Hector Lalitul, intransigent Mapuche leader

A court ruled on Thursday Llaitul. preventive detention forwho was arrested a day earlier for the alleged offenses of “theft of wood, hoarding and attack on powerand moved to Temuco, the capital of the Araucanía region, 700 kilometers south of Santiago.

There and in other parts of the south, the so-called Mapuche conflict has existed for decades, a territorial dispute between the state, radical indigenous communities and logging companies that exploit lands considered ancestral.

According to experts, wood theft is one of the alleged crimes that led to Lalitul’s arrest. Complex networks involving armed groups Led by Bandi, but like other key companies and players, some of them are dedicated to the timber industry.

The leader of the CAM, Hector Lalaitul, arrested. AFP photo.

A dark network that begins immediately after you trucks loaded with large logs are broken into on the road or at the gates of farms, which require special sawmills to reduce the load and intermediaries for the sale of a product that can only be placed in a very small market,

In this context, arson attacks against machinery, property and barriers occur almost daily – many claimed by CAM – and from time to time. fatal shot,

Borik warned: “The signs must be clear: yes to dialogue, no to violence. Those who do not understand this basic premise have a duty to confront the institutions of the rule of law that we defend with the government. will do.

Source: Agencies.


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