County to improve early education infrastructural and social development programs – Kenya News Agency

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya said there is a need to improve infrastructure development in schools, in addition to increasing capitation and manpower to improve the quality of education.

Natembeya said congestion in classrooms, insufficient teachers and the rush to implement the new competency-based curriculum were some of the challenges affecting the quality of education in the country.

The governor was speaking on Tuesday when he met with members of the presidential education task force, who paid him a courtesy visit to his office.

Natembeya highlighted the county administration’s plans to improve early childhood education by absorbing some 800 permanent and pensionable ECDE tutors, rolling out a school feeding program and employing ECDE teachers. additional.

The governor pointed out that the county has a shortfall of 1,200 ECDE teachers, while revealing that his administration will first set up additional classrooms before employing them.

The chair of the task force, Professor David Some, said he had gathered important insights during his field visits to several schools in the county and had since established the main challenges they were facing.

He cited the lack of infrastructure development in most of the public schools they had visited, hence the need to build more classrooms.

“For example, we visited Ecole Nationale Saint-Joseph and were amazed to find that a class has over 70 students, which is too much for just one teacher,” Prof Some said.

By Kosuri Valarie

Joel C. Hicks