Cuba removes mandatory mask-wearing for social activities

It is also maintained in restricted areas where there may be epidemic control and its use is necessary, as well as in those with respiratory symptoms, the minister said on the Mesa radio and television program. Redonda (Round Table).

He stressed the importance that vulnerable people continue to wear it, not only against Covid-19, but also that it is known to be useful against other diseases, he underlined.

The Ministry of Health recommends, as other countries have done, the wearing of face masks in crowded places, city buses, in queues where there are several people or in places where there is no It’s not possible to keep a physical distance, he said.

In workplaces and student centers, he ratified the decision not to allow the entry of citizens with respiratory symptoms in any of the variants of the cause of the disease.

None of the measures is irremovable, Portal pointed out, and added that its permanence over time will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country and what we are capable of responsibility.

Cuba has had nine consecutive weeks with a decrease in the number of cases, a reduction at a faster pace in the past two weeks and 19 consecutive days without death, only two in May, the deputy public health minister previously said. , Dr. Carilda Pena.


Joel C. Hicks