Dog Squad will monitor anti-social activity in prisons

Bombay: To monitor the antisocial activities of inmates in Maharashtra prisons, not only surprise visits from officials, but also a team of dog squads will visit the prison.

Despite high security, inmates, by bribing prison staff or using inmates pending trial as godowns, smuggle drug items inside the prison. However, to reduce drug use inside the prison, a surprise visit by a team of trained dogs has been launched to prisons in Maharashtra.

The Director General of Police and Inspector General of Prisons, Atul Kulkarni, recently issued a circular aimed at the 47 central and district prisons in Maharashtra. The circular was issued by the ADG to conduct a visit by a canine team inside the prison. The dog trained with an anti-narcotic substance will help limit antisocial activities inside the prisons and barracks. Visits had already taken place. started through prisons, “Ankush Shinde, Deputy Inspector General, Prison.

After the publication of the circular, a dog search was carried out on Wednesday in Thane central prison and 10 days ago in Adharwadi prison in Kalyan. Arthur Road Prison – Mumbai Central Prison and Byculla Women’s Prison – have yet to do the same.

Sources from the Maharashtra prison said according to the procedure. Each prison superintendent writes to the police station in the jurisdiction where the prison is located. Like after the Thane central prison officials wrote to the Thane police station. A team of dog squads from the police station had a surprise visit. “The dog squad visits the barracks and turns inside the prison. Usually, during a manual visit, the drugs are illegally taken inside. It is either hidden or cannot be found. the trained dog will detect the drug anywhere. Visiting will create a threatening situation among inmates who are afraid to keep it with or near them, “said a police officer from Maharashtra prison.

Prison sources have said that visiting train dogs inside a prison is a good move to limit anti-social activity.

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Posted on: Thursday December 16th, 2021 11:24 PM IST

Joel C. Hicks