Edo State Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues (MSDGI) is Conducting Awareness Program for Students on the Evils of Cybercrime

The The Edo State Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues (MSDGI) has organized an awareness program on the negative effects of cybercrime on society with the aim of ensuring a cybercrime-free society.

The program, which ran simultaneously in 25 secondary schools in Benin City, the state capital, was designed to educate students about the dangers of cybercrime as part of the government’s overall effort to eradicate the problem.

“Cybercrime is a path to self-destruction,” said Ms. Kate Bello, director of the ministry’s child development department, who spoke to the students.

She added: “Over the years we have found that a lot of children are gradually getting into this activity.

“We want to start our outreach from your level. We want to catch you young from Junior High School (JSS I) and above. We don’t want you to reach higher levels first and follow this path before realizing that this is not something you need to get involved in.

The director advised, “I want to let you know that this is not a good way to acquire wealth, cybercrime is not good. You have to work hard, study your books and by the time you finish high school and don’t want to go any further, you can learn skills.

“At the Ministry of Social Development and Gender, we have several units that deal with issues related to skills. After your school you can come to us and there are a lot of skills, including those that are Information and communication technology (ICT) and other lucrative jobs as long as you put effort into what you do.

She added, “Cybercrime comes with so many negatives for the individual including lack of integrity, premature death, waste of resources, hardship suffered by others in society, among others, and prosecution or even imprisonment.”

Ms Bello urged students to look for meaningful and legal ways to support themselves rather than succumbing to peer pressure to engage in cybercrime.

The Ministry’s Director of Planning, Research and Statistics, Mr. John McDonald, has clarified that they can make money through legal means without taking risks by misappropriating the same information they should have used. for criminal purposes in areas such as ICT and medical. science, among other things, in response to students’ questions about how people make money legally and the motivation behind their behavior.

He pointed out that this will allow them to develop a more reliable and sustainable tree-like source of income, as opposed to unstable wealth that is prone to collapse.

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Joel C. Hicks