Egyptian initiatives succeeded in achieving social protection‏ – ‏‎ IDSC

The Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) affirmed that the initiatives launched in Egypt have succeeded in achieving social justice, sustainable development and protection of the poor and low-income people against repercussions of the economic reforms undertaken by the government.

This is what emerges from the IDSC’s analysis of data on social protection systems in Egypt and around the world.

The analysis included the concept of social protection, the progress of social protection systems around the world, the role of social protection in establishing children’s rights and the impact of the coronavirus on social protection systems in the world.

According to the analysis, several countries face challenges in providing social protection systems to improve the condition of their citizens.

According to recent data issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) on social protection in the world in September 2021, there are only 46.9 billion people in the world who have received at least one protection contribution at the beginning of 2020 when there are 4.1 billion people who do not receive any social protection contributions.

The data showed varied social protection coverage between countries due to lack of investment in social protection.

In Egypt, the IDSC clarified that the sustainable development strategy launched in February 2016 aims to ensure social protection in the classes that really need it by meeting the basic needs of poor families and providing health care to those who need it most, in addition to protecting people with disabilities. and providing employment opportunities for the poor and low-income people through the various social protection programs.

In the health sector, Egypt has launched several programs and initiatives targeting all segments of the community.

In the field of education, the state has developed the education system by using smart classrooms and establishing Japanese schools.

The government renovated 242,000 homes as part of slum development and 3.6 million Egyptians benefited from social housing programs in 2020 in addition to the “Decent Life” initiative to develop needy villages.

Joel C. Hicks