Expert Highlights Role of Christianity in Social Development

An academic and Christian religious studies expert, Professor Wellington O. Wotogbe-Weneka, has highlighted the contributions of African missionaries to expanding the frontiers of Christianity on the continent and to the development of societies, saying these contributions have sadly been overlooked. by church historians.
In a book on “The Christian Life and Ministry of Pastor and Prophetess Beatrice N. Wali (aka Aunty Ekpere), co-edited with another expert, Pastor Paul Wowhor, Wotogbe-Weneka dissected the concept of ‘reverse mission’ regarding the activities of African Christian missionaries abroad.
In an interview on the sidelines of the book launch and the celebration of Prophetess Wali’s 45 years of pastoral and prophetic ministry, as well as her 75th birthday, Wotogbe-Weneka said: “In the past, Europeans came here to evangelize Africans , make converts and plant churches. , but today we have what is called a reverse mission”.
He described it as ‘the reverse’ in the sense that Africans are now going to Europe and America to make converts, to plant churches. Likewise, church historians have recognized the need to also have a reassessment of church history whereby it has become relevant to articulate what African pastors are doing to evangelize their fellow Africans,
“That is exactly why we have documented all her (Prophetess Wali) efforts in pastoral ministry, so that people know all that she does in Nigeria and among her people,” Wotogbe-Weneka said.
The Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Council, Hon. Samuel Nwanosike, represented by his wife, Mrs. Silver Nwanosike, described the woman of God as a gift to the Ikwerre and Omagwa region.
He dwelt on Prophetess Wali’s contributions to the development of society and individuals, saying, “It is God who has brought you to this time and to this generation.”
Delivering a sermon on the subject, “High Fidelity Steward”, with a Bible reference from the book of 1 Kings 19:18, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Regional Superintendent, Pastor GC Osuigbo, described the Prophetess Wali as a faithful steward, honest and filled with the Spirit of God.
He said she was not greedy but faithful to the things of God and was instrumental in the establishment of CAC in the Ikwerre and Omagwa region, adding that “she is indeed a blessing for this generation”.
His words were echoed in the commentary of Supreme Ruler of Omagwa, Eze Achinike Amadi, President of the occasion, Hon. Franklyn Aribodo, and book reviewer, Professor Edward Adiele, who separately praised of the prophetess Wali.
They described her as someone who deserves praise, adding that “she is worth more than the praise given to her”.

Joel C. Hicks