Former welfare scheme tahsildar sentenced to 3 years IR for corruption in Dharmapuri

A former Pennagaram Welfare Scheme tahsildar was sentenced to 3 years rigorous imprisonment as well as fined ₹50,000 as she was found guilty of bribery charges by the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court by Tuesday.

The accused, Manimekalai, was arrested in 2013 under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 after he was caught in the act of accepting a bribe from the complainant. The incident concerned an accident compensation claim by Rani from Boothipatty village in Pennagaram, who had lost her son to electrocution.

Manimekalai had demanded ₹20,000 for processing the application. Rani had paid ₹10,000 to Manimelai and presented her original family card and Farmers Protection Scheme ID card. Rani received ₹1,02,500 as accident pay. Later, the complainant went to Manimekalai to retrieve the documents. However, Manimekalai had refused to hand over the original documents insisting that Rani pay the remaining amount. Rani filed a complaint with the DVAC and Manimekalai was arrested while accepting the bribe.

On Tuesday, the Senior Magistrate’s Court found Manimekalai guilty under Section 7 and Section 13(2) read with Section 13(1)(d) of the Crime Prevention Act 1988. corruption.

Joel C. Hicks