Global union boss champions social protection for all workers {Business Africa}

The Chinese have popularized the belief that every crisis presents an inherent opportunity. In this edition of Business Africa, we uncover how workers, businesses and economies are going through multiple crises, both local and global.

Protecting workers during global crises

Around the world, workers are concerned about the impact that the ongoing inflationary trend could have on their employers and, therefore, on their jobs.

Hot on the heels of the disruptive coronavirus pandemic, the possibility of business closures, mass layoffs and abuse of workers’ rights looms.

We spoke to the new head of the International Labor Organization, Gilbert F. Houngbo, to find out what can be done to protect workers.

Putting the minerals of the DRC at the service of its population

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of mineral wealth.

And yet, like many other African countries, the majority of people in the DRC live in abject poverty, a stark contrast to their country’s wealth.

As demand for DRC minerals like cobalt grows, we explore possible solutions that need to be implemented by African governments to ensure mining revenues reach every citizen.

The thriving carpooling industry in Zambia

In Zambia, the entry of a new player in the carpooling sector has caused some disruption.

While customers like Russia’s Yango app for its affordability, Ulendo, which has held the industry monopoly for 4 years, is worried.

We explore the possibilities that competition brings to mobility in this southern African nation.

Joel C. Hicks