Health Department Urges People To Limit Social Activities As The Number Of Critical Care Patients Continues To Increase; 3,994 new cases of Covid-19

  • A record 3,994 new Covid-19 cases were reported on October 19
  • The health ministry said there had been an increase in activity levels in the country
  • The number of unvaccinated elderly people infected with Covid-19 recently rose to more than 100 per day
  • Number of people in need of intensive care continues to rise, putting pressure on hospitals
  • As of October 14, seven deaths were reported, bringing the total to 246.

SINGAPORE – Singapore on Tuesday, October 19, recorded a record 3,994 new cases of Covid-19 and seven other deaths from complications of the disease.

In its daily update on the coronavirus situation, the Department of Health (MOH) said there was a “usual increase in cases after the weekend” reported for the day.

“We will need to monitor cases closely over the next few days to determine whether this is a temporary spike or a further rise in infections,” the health ministry said.

He added that over the past week there had been an increase in activity levels, “including higher numbers of visitors to all malls, larger crowds in the Orchard Road area , as well as a slight increase in the use of public transport “.

The ministry noted that the number of unvaccinated elderly people over the age of 60 who have been infected with Covid-19 has increased in recent days “to well over 100 per day.”

“They are at risk of getting very sick. The number of people requiring intensive care unit (ICU) care continues to increase, putting our hospitals under significant pressure and strain, ”the health ministry said.

“We strongly encourage everyone, especially the elderly and people with co-morbidities who are more vulnerable to serious illnesses, to limit your social activities and only go out for essential activities.”

The number of patients in intensive care is 71.

That number has steadily increased from 17 cases on September 21 to 27 cases on September 27, 46 on October 13 and 67 on Monday.

Of the new cases reported on Tuesday, 3,480 were in the community, 501 were residents of migrant worker dormitories and the remaining 13 were imported infections.

Among the local cases were 567 people over the age of 60, the health ministry said.

The seven people who died included five men and two women.

Aged between 57 and 90, they were all Singaporeans.

Among them, three had not been vaccinated against Covid-19, one was partially vaccinated and the other three were fully vaccinated.

“Six of them had various underlying medical conditions, while an unvaccinated case had no known medical conditions,” the health ministry said, without indicating when they were infected with Covid-19 or are deceased.

A total of 246 people here have died from complications from the coronavirus, including 145 this month alone.


Singapore has recorded a total of 154,725 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began last year.

On Tuesday, 1,738 patients were hospitalized, 24 more than the day before.

Among them, 338 patients need oxygen support to help them breathe, up from 337 on Monday.

Among all the community cases of Covid-19 that have been integrated or admitted:

  • 16,377, or 71.9% of them, are convalescing at home

  • 3,812 (16.7%) are in community care facilities

  • 1,738 (7.6%) are hospitalized, most under observation

  • 851 (3.7%) are in Covid-19 treatment centers

The health ministry said that over the past 28 days, the percentage of local cases with mild or no symptoms was 98.6%.

  • During the same period, 1.0% of cases required oxygen assistance and 0.1% were placed in intensive care units.

  • Of these, 48.6 percent were fully vaccinated and 51.4 percent were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated

  • Of those who died in the past 28 days, 27.1% were fully vaccinated and 72.9% were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated


Among the large groups that are closely monitored by the ministry, five have had new cases, the health ministry said on Tuesday. This was one fewer cluster with new cases compared to Monday.

A total of 12 new infections were added to these five major groups.


As of October 18, 84% of the population was fully vaccinated and 85% had received at least one dose.

In total, 9,662,027 doses of Covid-19 vaccines as part of the national vaccination program (Pfizer-BioNTech or Comirnaty and Moderna) were administered.

So far 4,622,432 people have received at least one dose of vaccine as part of the national immunization program and 4,562,307 people have completed the full immunization schedule.

The health ministry added that to date it has invited around 850,000 eligible people to receive their vaccine booster.

He said 604,552 people have received their booster shots and another 96,000 have made appointments.

In addition, 227,800 doses of other vaccines such as Sinovac, recognized in the World Health Organization’s emergency use list, were administered, covering 118,598 people.

Joel C. Hicks