Launch of the national mechanism for the dissemination of social protection

Oxfam, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the National Social Protection Council (GS-NSPC), is developing a mechanism for disseminating information on social protection at the national level, which will also be able to serve as a mechanism for disseminating information on social protection. emergency for future pandemics, floods and other national emergency events.

This national mechanism involves collaboration between the 11 ministries within the National Social Protection Council, nine civil society organizations representing more than 700 CSOs and / or community organizations, and private sector media, including television channels, social media and forms of dissemination. .

The initiative is based on a coordinated approach between CSOs and ministries to ensure that citizens receive harmonized information on social protection, said Ms. Solinn Lim, country director of Oxfam in Cambodia.

“This mechanism will be complemented by a Citizen-Led Social Protection Platform for All or SP4ALL aimed at facilitating the ‘demand side’ to inform policy and decision-making and greater social accountability. Each CSO stakeholder, ranging from community organizations operating in remote areas, established unions, local and international NGO networks to emerging youth groups across the country, plays a critical role in the development and implementation of the dissemination mechanism, ”she added.

There is an urgent need to set up a national mechanism for disseminating social protection, which can clearly disseminate to Cambodian citizens the advantages available to them under social assistance and social security schemes and programs. Previously, communication efforts depended on institutions working independently rather than collaboratively, resulting in fragmented and uncoordinated communication efforts.

This has left vital segments of Cambodian society who live on the fringes, such as those in the Tonle Sap biosphere and indigenous citizens of hill tribes, unable to receive essential information about social protection programs or potentially emergency information. vital in a clear and timely manner. way.

Chan Narith, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and General Secretary of the National Council for Social Welfare said it is essential that we raise public awareness of social protection and develop a culture of social protection. social protection so that we can extend social protection protection system in Cambodia. We have a responsibility to educate the public on the benefits that social assistance and social security will bring to citizens and to the country. People knowledgeable about the benefits of social protection will be more proactive in accessing them.

This NSPBM initiative is funded by a grant to Oxfam Cambodia from GIZ – German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The support of the EU Delegation in Cambodia to the establishment of social protection for CSOs on the demand side has enabled CSOs to prepare and build on a solid foundation for this project. Heng Panha – AKP

Joel C. Hicks