Laureate ‘Social activities’ Mauris Noronha

With the spread of the coronavirus all over the world, India has seen some of the most extraordinarily difficult times. In addition to the alarming health emergency, states around the world are grappling with many other compelling challenges. Maharashtra, one of the worst affected states in India, has been battling since the very beginning of the pandemic. Countless people have reached out to help each other. However, among all the efforts of Mauris Noronha, it is worth noting.

We reached out to the philanthropist to find out more about his journey to help society at its most vulnerable and difficult time. Excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us more about your journey of social contribution to society.

When the lockdown was imposed, almost all sections of society were affected. But the effect on the weakest segment of the community has been heartbreaking. I started by extending assistance to members of my housing company in the form of necessary rations and basic necessities. With the help of some volunteers, I then launched a door-to-door campaign in the most affected slums of Mumbai. Since then, we have managed to provide rations to over 10,000 people in the state of Maharashtra.

We have also been successful in helping stranded migrant workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh navigate the bureaucratic perks needed to reach their homes.

How have you helped frontline covid workers?

Frontline workers are on the battlefield every day, risking their lives. We wanted to support them in every way possible. We have effectively provided rations and medical supplies such as PPE kits, masks and face shields, medicines, hand sanitizers to Mumbai Police, BEST paramedics and drivers, journalists and BMC employees.

Your efforts have been recognized and you have been praised time and time again. Please share the details.

Although rewarding, it was a demanding task. We are grateful that our efforts are recognized. I received “Sarvottam Samman” and “10th Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award 20202”. Besides that, I was also congratulated with the “Buddha Peace Awards 2021” which was organized by Maitry Peace Foundation in collaboration with Myanmar Embassy. Recently, I was also featured for “Social Activities” by Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari’s Mid-Day Maharashtra Gaurav Awards.

What is the message for your compatriots?

Each of us must think of the needy in these difficult times, because it is the only way to help humanity. At this point, we should not just think about ourselves, but must think about our nation as a whole. No matter how small, don’t hesitate to make contributions because every penny counts.

Rightly called a savior of the needy, Mauris Noronha continues to inspire thousands of people. Through his noble and commendable work, Mauris has become a fine example of how to restore faith in humanity.

Joel C. Hicks