Linking Cash and Voucher Assistance with Social Protection: A Case Study in Gaza – Occupied Palestinian Territory




To more effectively deliver assistance to people in a complex crisis context and to increase their resilience to future shocks, this case study explores the relationship between humanitarian cash and voucher assistance and protection government social welfare in Gaza. It looks at the current setup, what might be the long-term goals for linking social protection and cash transfers, and the short, medium and long-term steps needed to get there.
The focus is on Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) and cash transfers that cover basic needs. More specifically, the topics covered are:

  • the similarities and differences between humanitarian cash transfers and current social protection programs in Gaza, and the benefits of linking them;

  • understand where the current system is heading in terms of equity, efficiency or fairness in the social protection system;

  • policy and program opportunities to align or integrate efforts;

  • coordination needs and existing mechanisms;

  • barriers to combining cash transfers and social protection;

  • what linkage initiatives exist in cash transfer and social protection programmes; and

  • recommendations (short, medium and long term) for policies and programs influencing coherent social protection programming.

Joel C. Hicks