Malta Council for Economic and Social Development needs a better structure – PS Andy Ellul

The Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) needs a better structure, Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul told parliament on Tuesday.

Responding to a question from PN MP Claudette Buttigieg about what kind of reform is needed for MCESD to become a better advisory body, Ellul said that despite all the positive results that have come from meetings with professionals representing various sectors, he believes there should be a better structure.

Ellul said that although the Labor Party has only been in government for a month, he has begun to analyze through several meetings with stakeholders, the type of framework the body is working with.

He added that during the pandemic, MCESD has proven its strength as it has shown from the positive results it has gained from social dialogue.

Speaking of a meeting that took place on Tuesday, he said the meeting was very interesting and productive. He added that he believed that the MCESD could become a body of knowledge that is not only sought after during a crisis situation such as the current one of Covid-19 and the Ukraine-induced influx of European inflation, but that such knowledge derived from an insightful body should be utilized. to improve the situations of daily life.

Ellul added that the organization had been allocated some €80,000 in funds to train MCESD employees and professionals. Despite this, he said the body also has its own funds to hire outside professionals to help with its workload when needed.

Asked to give a summary of a European meeting, where the future of Europe was discussed, Ellul said that migration was discussed.

He added that when speaking at the meeting, which took place in Strasbourg, Ellul said he spoke about the need for Europe to take Malta’s size into consideration when making important decisions. regarding migration.

Ellul said currently other European countries are aware of how Malta has handled such situations, as they now understand the kind of challenges that migration presents for countries in the Mediterranean.

Joel C. Hicks