Michailidou: Our priority is social protection without exclusions

ATHENS – “Investments in social protection, through active policies and services complementary to benefits, should be our main strategy to reduce child poverty,” said Domna Michailidou, Labor and Social Affairs Assistant, who participated in the first regular meeting of 2022 of the UNICEF Executive Board. on “Reducing child poverty through policies and programmes”.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on Friday, Greece was represented for the first time by a Greek deputy minister at the UNICEF Executive Board meeting, which was attended by 14 member states. During the meeting, UNICEF’s five-year national program for Greece (2022-2026) was presented.

Michailidou made special mention of the importance of UNICEF’s cooperation, within the framework of the European Child Guarantee initiative, reiterating the State’s commitment to social protection without exclusions.

In his speech, Michailidou said, “Children experience poverty differently from adults. They have specific and differentiated needs. A child living in poverty may be poor all his life and that child rarely gets a second chance for a good education or a good start in life. That is why, with active policies, we actively fight against child poverty and ensure a better future for all children. We are constantly moving forward with important initiatives and collaborations, such as the one with UNICEF, to strengthen the social protection system.

Joel C. Hicks