Minister of Social Development hails faith-based collaborations

The challenges facing this country and the world today are not one-dimensional; rather, they are complex and intractable and cannot be resolved by a single approach or by a single segment of society working towards a solution.

That’s according to Social Development and Family Services Minister Donna Dox. According to a press release, Minister Cox represented the Prime Minister and delivered a speech at the Curepe Pentecostal Empowerment Ministries International (CPEMI) as he celebrated his 75th anniversary on Sunday.

In delivering her remarks, Minister Cox also took the opportunity to congratulate the organization, stating:

“The exponential growth you have experienced over the 75 years of your existence has not only manifested itself in terms of physical assets, but, more importantly, in your members and the thousands of people you help daily.”

Minister Cox further acknowledged that despite the pandemic, CPEMI ensured that “the hungry were fed, the naked were clothed, the sick were visited” and even those in prison benefited from their ministry.

She said the government also seeks to encourage and facilitate the participation of Curepe Pentecostal Empowerment Ministries International and other faith-based organizations in the growth and development of the T&T population:

“The public sector and faith-based organizations were partners long before we gained political independence 60 years ago, and we continue to work together to this day, pouring resources into schools, colleges residential care for children and young adults, halfway houses and even homes for the aged – all run by faith-based organizations.

Also in attendance were MP for Laventille West and Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hinds, MP for St. Augustine, Khadijah Ameen, Bishop General of PAWI Reverend Sonny Williams, Assistant Bishop of PAWI (Trinidad and Tobago) Revered Anthony Roberts and Reverend Dr Melch Pope.

Joel C. Hicks