Minister welcomes landmark decisions that support social development process in Qatar

The Minister of Social Development and Family, HE Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad, stressed that the celebration of the National Day is a renewal of loyalty to the motherland and the commitment we have made to serve the country and to build a socially, economically and culturally developed state.

In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), she said that our celebration of the National Day is a renewal of the oath we have taken before God, society and the State to be of service to the citizen. qatari, which is the basis of every action and the goal of every movement.

The Minister added that this year’s national holiday comes amid important and historic decisions that support the process of social development in our country, stressing that this was represented in the Amiri decision to establish a ministry specializing exclusively in social development. and the family, which is a reflection of the philosophy of political leadership towards building our state, in which the family is the core of any rebirth movement.

The ministry supports the process of social development and preserves the achievements of our people through national legislation, which places the human being at the forefront of priorities and at the forefront of the attention of the political leaders of the state, explained His excellence.

“Societies are not built with machines alone, but with the minds of their people, this is what we are heading towards, as a path to national development, through community development and human capacity building. , so that a citizen adheres to his Islamic religion and is proud of it, in addition to having confidence in the authenticity of his society and in the capacities of his State, while being able to produce and not to locked in the clutches of consumerism and idleness, ”added His Excellency.

HE affirmed that the Ministry of Social Development and Family is working in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030, as the general framework of the ministry’s strategy, which aims to take care of citizens, liberate their capacities and ensure the social security for them and their families through development plans, programs and policies that promote a productive and compassionate culture in society.

The Minister renewed his pledge to sincerely work to achieve the goals and aspirations included in Qatar’s National Vision and national development strategies related to social development.

Joel C. Hicks