Ministry of Social Development and Family Celebrates Gulf Family Day

The Ministry of Social Development and Family, represented by the Department of Family Affairs, marked Gulf Family Day with the aim of enhancing Gulf identity, reassuring the importance of family and working on its cohesion, and to preserve the ingrained values ​​emanating from the deeply rooted heritage.

The seventh meeting of the Committee of Social Affairs Ministers of the GCC countries recognized September 14 as Gulf Family Day.
In her speech on this occasion, the director of the Department of Family Affairs, Najat al-Abdullah, highlighted the policies aimed at preserving family cohesion, the concept of family cohesion, the marriage preparation programs adopted in Qatar as well as the projects and strategic plans.
Al-Abdullah highlighted the family-friendly programs and policies that Qatar gives to the family as a social entity, especially the role played by the ministry in proposing and implementing national policies and strategies related to care for the family and its members, the community raising awareness of the importance of protecting the family and its cohesion, and the collection and analysis of data and statistics relating to the family.
In a speech titled “Islamic Values ​​and Protection of the Family”, the director of the Muhammad Bin Hamad Al Thani Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization (CMCC) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Dr. Aisha al-Mannai, asserted that Islamic Sharia was the main proponent of humanitarian aid. interests, reviewing the most significant axes and pillars of family cohesion in Islam. (QNA)

Joel C. Hicks