New social protection system to include all Omani categories

Muscat – A new social welfare system will improve the income level of the Omani family, according to Nabhan al Battashi, president of the General Federation of Oman.

In an interview with a local radio station, Nabhan Ahmed al Battashi said: “The social protection system will include all categories of problems concerning Omani society, such as divorce, child protection, workers and job seekers, as well as adults. It will also strive to improve the income level of the Omani family and increase the minimum wage.

Battashi explained that the revision of the minimum wage has become a necessity due to high inflation. The current minimum wage of RO 325 for (university and non-university graduates) will limit the desire of young Omanis to enter the private sector. “The salary system of all countries in the world is revised periodically, depending on inflation levels in each country,” he said, pointing out that the salary limit in Oman has not been revised for ten years.

Meanwhile, according to statistics published by the National Center for Statistics and Information, the average salary of almost 24 percent of Omanis insured in the social insurance system is between RO 325 and RO 400.

“Nearly half of insured Omanis receive less than RO500 in salary, while average household expenditure has risen to around RO757. The situation calls for immediate solutions to improve the social security of citizens to ensure a decent life for them and their families,” he said.

Joel C. Hicks