Northwestern University bans all social activities in campus fraternities until at least mid-October after reports of drug addiction; Some students want Greek life to be abolished

EVANSTON, Illinois (CBS) – Northwestern University is suspending social events and fraternity recruiting activities after reports of people being drugged without consent.

As CBS 2’s Steven Graves reported, the students protested Sunday night – calling for the total abolition of Greek life at Northwestern.

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Northwestern said on Saturday it received a report from someone claiming to have been drugged without his consent at a fraternity house at 2325 Sheridan Rd. In Evanston. The university said it was also investigating separate and similar reports at fraternity houses on campus.

The university did not name the fraternities, but a daily report from the northwest identified them as the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Brotherhood at Sheridan Road and the Alpha Epsilon Pi Brotherhood at 584 Lincoln St.

There was a drug report at Sigma Alpha Epsilon on Friday night, and several at the Alpha Epsilon Pi house after a rally on Friday night.

Students fear that there are still more incidents than those reported.

“I really think this is happening, and I think there are a lot of voices that are not being heard as well,” said one student.

The university noted that its fraternity and sorority houses on campus are alcohol-free by policy, and there are concerns about the health and safety of the community. So Northwestern has decided with immediate effect that there will be no more chapter-sponsored social events or recruiting activities in the Northwestern Fraternities of the Intra-Brotherhood Council until at least October 17 – Sunday. after the events of college reunion week.

This order applies to non-members of the fellowship and to elders. Anyone who violates the ordinances will be referred to the university’s community standards office, the university said.

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The university said it was also in communication with the leadership of the Intrafraternity Council, which on Saturday passed a resolution in favor of banning social activities.

But that was not enough for the students who demanded the total abolition of Greek life.

The Northwestern students all dressed in black on Sunday night and chanted, “Greek life must go!” Their anger was palpable as they protested outside the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house.

It comes after past charges at the ΣAE house – involving women who claimed to be drugged at a party in 2017.

The fraternity was suspended around the same time until 2018, after being put to the test on what school administrators said were members serving underage alcohol.

Frustrated students are hoping that this time the change can come after what they called problems with Greek life across the county.

“We must abolish them. It starts with Northwestern, but it doesn’t end there, ”said one student. “There are colleges and universities across the country that have put in place systems like this, and it’s doing a lot of harm – unnecessary harm. “

Jon Pierce, former international president and current spokesperson for Alpha Epsilon Pi International, issued the following statement:

“Alpha Epsilon Pi is horrified by these stories and our members are fully cooperating with the University’s investigation to find those responsible. If found guilty, these perpetrators should be punished with all the rigors of the law. “

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Anyone with information about the drug allegations is urged to immediately call Northwestern University Police at (847) 491-3456.

Joel C. Hicks