Police personnel involved in anti-social activities will be subject to strict measures: interior minister

Interior Minister Araga Jnanendra has warned of strict measures against police personnel who associate themselves with anti-social activities. He was speaking after laying the foundation stone for new buildings to be constructed for Chamrajpet and Chickpet traffic police stations on Thursday.

Responding to a question about the involvement of police officers in certain criminal cases, Mr. Jnanendra said: “Our government has zero tolerance for such an attitude. Because of a few black sheep, the whole force – which has a strength of more than one lakh – will get a bad reputation. Those who join anti-social elements and are involved in criminal activities will be dealt with with an iron fist,” he warned.

He said he had requested a report on the incident in which police personnel tried to extort drug dealers near the CM’s residence and would take action against the wandering personnel on the base. of the report.

“The suspension is not enough for those who are supposed to protect the law but are involved in criminal activity. These people do not deserve to continue working in the police force,” the minister said, adding that the department is considering imposing tougher penalties. The Ministry of the Interior awaits the report in this regard on the basis of the measures that will be taken.

Joel C. Hicks