SASSA, Social Development brings relief to Ngqeleni children

After their plight was brought to the attention of SASSA and Social Development on social media, four children from Ngqeleni received much-needed help.

SASSA, in collaboration with the OR Tambo District Social Development Department, visited the family on June 21 with the aim of assessing their situation and providing emergency assistance to the children.

Four children, aged 13, 9, 8 and 4, recently lost their mother. The delegation immediately classified them as a child-headed family.

The father of two of the four children could not be found, while the father of the other two cannot be identified.

The delegation found that the children used to stay with their maternal aunt but then moved away when she visited her husband in Johannesburg. It was also discovered that the children had no birth certificates and were very young to be left alone without care or protection.

SASSA OR Tambo District Manager, Nomfundiso Soldati, said the situation immediately prompted the implementation of Regulation 11.1, where the application for child social allowance is reviewed while the necessary documentation is awaited from the relevant department. .

“We cannot wait for all the documents to be available when there are regulations that allow us to intervene urgently in this situation. As a result, child support for the four children will be paid in July,” Soldati said.

The delegation hired their aunt who had taken care of them before and she agreed to continue taking care of them.

The two orphaned children will now receive a supplementary child support allowance, introduced to help parents caring for orphans meet their basic needs.

The children will receive their basic child support of R480, plus an additional R240, bringing the total to R720.

The Department of Social Development will initiate the foster care process.

A child is not yet old enough to go to school. However, two of them had already received school uniforms from SASSA in March, while the other will receive a uniform in July when schools reopen.


Joel C. Hicks