Saudi Shura Council calls for digital branches for Social Development Bank

The Saudi Shura Council has called on the Social Development Bank to take the initiative and prepare a technical study to replace some of its rented offices with digital agencies, through which services are delivered efficiently and sustainably.

The Shura Council reviewed several annual reports during its tenth regular session for the second year of the eighth term.

Council member Salah al-Talib stressed the need to transfer the objectives of corporate finance activity by supporting emerging small businesses and micro-enterprises.

He also called for the transfer of financing programs and products to the Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Social Development Bank is requested to clarify the number of male and female beneficiaries, the mechanisms for benefiting from indirect loans, the methods of receiving aid granted to charitable societies, the amount of loans and the working tools, the member announced. Mohammad al-Abbas. .

The Board issued several decisions regarding the annual report of the Information and Communications Technology Commission (CITC), including reviewing relationships with various authorities to enable cloud services and accelerate the transition of public and private sectors from traditional computing solutions to the cloud.

The Council also decided to support amateurs and researchers to ensure the best use according to the national plan in this field, which contributes to the realization of the programs of Vision 2030.

He stressed the importance of integration and cooperation of government agencies to achieve the desired objectives of frequency spectrum uses.

The Council also called on the Commission to financially support the initiative to extend broadband networks to complement the connection of homes in cities and governorates with fiber optic networks.

Concerning the annual report of the General Audiovisual Authority, the Council underlined the need to accelerate the study of the impact of the exemption from the financial deduction of the authority on the entrance tickets of the public in the exhibition halls on increasing attendance and strengthening the sector in the Kingdom.

He also called for organizing his provisional budget according to actual expenses and increasing his income from the services and licenses he provides.

Joel C. Hicks