Serious work underway in Azerbaijan on the social protection of martyred families and veterans – MP

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 14. A very successful social policy is being implemented in Azerbaijan, and within it, serious work is being done to provide social protection for martyred families and veterans, improve their well-being and solve their problems, the Azerbaijani MP said. Afat Hasanova at Trend.

According to Hasanova, strengthening social protection of persons of the above category is one of the main directions of the state policy of Azerbaijan.

The MP noted that the President of the country, Ilham Aliyev, always pays special attention and care to this area.

“Over the past three years, unprecedented reforms have been carried out in this area. Pensions and benefits paid to martyred families and veterans have increased almost threefold,” she said. “In the past and this year, in accordance with the decision of the President of Azerbaijan, benefits for veterans have been increased.”

“Serious work is underway not only to increase benefits for this category of citizens but also to improve their living conditions and provide them with cars,” Hasanova added.

The MP also pointed out that under the program approved by the Head of State, it is planned to provide housing and private houses to 11,000 martyred families, veterans and other citizens of socially vulnerable groups until 2025. Population.

“According to the relevant decree of President Ilham Aliyev, a state program has been approved to provide housing for martyred families, war veterans and other citizens of socially vulnerable groups until 2025,” she added. “As a result, more than 13,000 people in this category were provided with apartments or private houses. About 3,500 apartments or private houses were provided in the post-war period. [following the 2020 Second Karabakh War].”

At the same time, very important measures are taken to protect the health of veterans, provide them with modern prostheses and carry out their rehabilitation. In addition, they receive social and psychological services, Hasanova noted.

“As part of the measures to provide cars to veterans, 1,500 cars have been provided to them over the past four years, and 7,450 – for the entire period. Great attention and care for the families of martyrs has always been given and will continue in Azerbaijan,” the MP stressed.

Joel C. Hicks