Social activities at USC fraternities halted as students were drugged – Daily News

All social activities in USC fraternities were halted by the Interfraternity Council on Saturday after the Ministry of Public Security announced that he had received allegations of sexual abuse and drugs slipped into drinks during parties in several fraternities.

The DPS has announced that it will enforce the council’s safety notice, which prohibits fraternities from hosting social events on campus, indefinitely. School officials are also tightening security on and around 28th Street, the department said.

The Campus Police Department’s Oct. 20 Daily Incident Log lists five reports dating back to Sept. 27 of college students claiming they were slipped by a mickey at parties at the Sigma Nu house, 660 W. 28th St., and another report of a student being drugged at a party in an unknown location. It also lists a report of sexual assault in Sigma Nu.

“Such behavior is deeply disturbing,” wrote USC President Carol Folt in a statement. “They hurt people and go against everything we stand for as a community. “

“The fraternity is concerned about these serious allegations and will seek to work with university officials to investigate the matter,” Sigma Nu officials said in a statement. “The fellowship will determine its future actions based on the investigation.”

The DPS did not name the other fraternities listed as the subject of the allegations. Directors have placed both Sigma Nu – whose motto is “To Excel With Honor” – and “An Individual” on “Temporary Suspension” after allegations of sexual abuse came to light earlier this week, Folt wrote. in his statement.

Students marched past Sigma Nu’s home on Friday and posted notes referring to the alleged sexual assault.

“You are all accomplices,” said a note.

Campus officials were made aware of the alleged sexual abuse through reports submitted anonymously to the school’s relationship and sexual violence prevention services, Folt said.

“We know how difficult it is to report and we appreciate those who have come forward,” Folt said. “It is essential to pass the information on to the competent authorities. “

Campus police urged anyone with information about alleged assaults to call 213-740-6000 for the University Campus (UPC), 323-442-1000 for the Health Sciences Campus (HSC ) or 213-485-6571 for the southwestern division of the LAPD. .

Calls to LAPD outside of office hours or on weekends can be made to 877-527-3247 and anonymous advice can be called to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or submitted online at

Joel C. Hicks