Social development institutes grant a supplement to orphans

South Africa now has more than 140,000 orphans due to Covid-19, a new study has revealed.

Bongani Bingwa spoke to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Social Development about the social measures put in place to help orphans.

Among other findings, the study cites that more than 10 million children have lost at least one parent or caregiver to the pandemic.

The Department of Social Development is making an additional grant available to assist orphans and extended families who act as caregivers to them.

Oliphant said they are trying to bridge the social security gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ministry will begin an audit to understand if orphaned children are in need of protection.

Lumka Oliphant, Spokesperson – Ministry of Social Development

We have the social protection system already in place to help the department where we will send social workers to collect these children from their homes.

Lumka Oliphant, Spokesperson – Ministry of Social Development

Oliphant added that the top-up grant program has received a high volume of applications from parents caring for orphaned children.

We then changed the law on social assistance to give a supplement to orphans living with parents… We introduced a supplementary subsidy and last week we had 5,000 children whose parents had applied for it.

Lumka Oliphant, Spokesperson – Ministry of Social Development

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