Social protection: the World Bank highlights Morocco’s “effective response”

MOROCCO, April 15 – The World Bank (WB) has highlighted the “effective response” of public authorities in Morocco in terms of helping vulnerable families during the health crisis.

In its latest “MENA Economic Update” published on Thursday, the Washington-based financial institution believes that the Kingdom “provides an example of an effective policy response in terms of cash transfers”.

“The Tadamon cash transfer program in Morocco has far exceeded its initial target of informal worker households, covering almost 80% of its population with one of the highest scale-up rates compared to pre- COVID19,” the report from the Bretton Woods organization says.

Furthermore, the World Bank notes that only a third of developing countries in the MENA region have higher vaccination rates than their income counterparts, led by Morocco among others, which vaccinated more than 60% of its population. population.

In contrast, the report notes, countries like Algeria have vaccinated only about 15% of their population.

MAP April 14, 2022

Joel C. Hicks