Summer learning programs to help rebuild children’s social development

Isolated during virtual learning, many parents are looking to see how to rebuild children’s engagement amid the pandemic. Getting outside this summer can help.

After months of remote learning on a laptop, many students are just returning to class a few weeks into the school year.

“A lot of parents have come to us with this idea that maybe during the COVID cycle their kids haven’t grown or developed the way they expected,” Dennis Maple said.

While this is a common concern, Maple, along with Goddard Systems, Inc., believes that young children are still learning, growing and developing, even in the midst of a pandemic. Looking ahead, he says the organization’s new summer learning programs combine a structured environment with fun, academic and social development.

“Both are curriculum-based outdoor programs designed to build on what children love to do, allow them to have fun and, at the same time, grow, to grow and learn new things,” said Maple.

According to Dr. Helen Hadani, an expert in creative thinking and child development, summer learning stimulates creativity as they can engage with nature.

Summer learning programs to help rebuild children's social development

“We know that outdoor play provides endless opportunities for children to engage in multi-sensory and exploratory play so they can touch, feel and experience in nature. It’s the best way for children, by especially young children, to learn science,” said Dr. Hadani.

They, in turn, boost their learning as they re-explore their world and strive to confidently return to class for the fall.

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Summer learning programs to help rebuild children's social development

“Research clearly tells us that there is a type of play that builds children’s self-confidence, resilience, and executive function skills, such as planning and flexible thinking,” Hadani said.

To learn more about the Summer Learning Programs and watch the Parenting Under Five videos that talk about return anxiety, what it means to have a lost year and more, visit their website.

Joel C. Hicks