Tanzania: Religious Institutions Invited to Actively Participate in Social Activities

RELIGIOUS denominations and institutions across the country were urged to create a culture of active participation in various social activities to enable their members to become physically and spiritually liberated.

The call was made by the chairman of the Ministry of Light to the Nations in Africa, Dr. Ian Tumusiime, shortly after members of the Pentecostal Church in the city of Singida completed the cleaning of the bus station in Misuna, from the main market and fruit market area of ​​Msufini in the municipality. .

Dr. Tumusiime, who is also the senior pastor of Rwanda, noted that the true gospel must touch a human being in all physical and spiritual needs.

“Our goal is to ensure that the Gospel preached and proclaimed by religious denominations and its institutions liberates the human being physically, socially and spiritually,” observed Dr. Tumusiime.

Among the religious leaders who took part in the special clean-up operation were Bishop Gasper Mdimi of the Assemblies of God, Pastor Boniface Ntandu of the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT) and a dedicated member of “A Light for nations,” Mrs. Lilian Mkanza, who noted that although cleanliness helped prevent various disease outbreaks, the issue was still closely related to spiritual matters.

Ms Shuku Kaisho, Acting Head of Sanitation and Environment Department of Singida Municipality, thanked all those who participated in the clean-up exercise, but also called on religious leaders to ensure that they encourage their members to participate fully in cleaning up their areas. time and not just waiting for special occasions.

“You have a lot of followers. If every believer fully fulfills his role in his region, many challenges related to epidemics will be greatly reduced,” she explained.

Believers of ‘One Light of Nations’ in partnership with Pentecostal Churches engage in various social activities in Singida Municipality ahead of a major three-day gospel conference titled ‘Miracle Gospel Harvest’ to be held here from 27 to May 29 this year. .

Joel C. Hicks