The Aman center and a Moroccan organization sign an agreement for the social protection of children

The Center for Protection and Social Reintegration (Aman) yesterday signed a cooperation agreement with the Moroccan Association for Child Protection (Bayti).

The agreement aims to strengthen cooperation between the two parties to achieve common goals by creating a sustainable and practical framework between them to improve the quality of services provided to children and to support the capacities of regional and national partners through a sustainable program. based on providing the highest levels of care and social protection for children.
Under the agreement, the two parties will organize joint events for children, awareness campaigns, workshops and training courses, aimed at ensuring social protection and rehabilitation, in addition to developing scientific research in supporting strategic partnerships with institutions, organizations and research centers to benefit from their specialized programs of common interest.
Aman’s executive director, Abdulaziz al-Ishaq, said the agreement will benefit both parties, transferring the child protection mechanism from the perspective of each country and its laws, and developing and innovating by offering events, campaigns and training workshops for social protection workers on child-related issues.
Bayti Director Amina Lmalih stressed the importance of activating international partnership.
She said such agreements contribute to the realization of the vision and mission of both parties and their strategic objectives, which is to ensure the protection and rehabilitation of target groups.
Children are today the main pillar in the construction of society, and civil society organizations must unite to provide them with social protection.
Bayti is a non-governmental non-profit association interested in issues related to children, with 26 years of experience in the field of family protection, school and professional reintegration, and providing all the support and rehabilitation of children and young people.
Aman, a center run by the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, deals with the protection and rehabilitation of women and children who have been victims of violence or breakdown, and their reintegration into society.

Joel C. Hicks