The Daily Herald – Signed Letter of Intent for Community Center Socials

Social Welfare Work Association President Eric Henriquez (left) shakes hands with Acting Government Commissioner Alida Francis, with (standing back row, left to right): Committee members Sherwin Henriquez and Granville Hassell and Social Affairs Director Carol Jack.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The public entity St. Eustatius and St. Eustatius Social and Welfare Work Association signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on Friday, May 7, with the aim of collaborating in supporting and initiating social activities at the William and Christine Flanders Community Center, owned by the foundation. The collaboration aims to improve the current state of the building and its facilities, which are in need of renovation.

By signing the letter of intent, the public entity and the foundation recognize the social importance of the community center for the general public, especially young people.

The agreement is limited to the community center, thus excluding other facilities owned or operated by the foundation.

The Rosemary Lane center has played a central role in Statia since its founding in 1963. It has been expanded twice and, as there were no other facilities on the island at the time, it was ” the place to be”.

Today, almost 20 years later, the center needs to be revitalized. The members of the board of directors have taken the initiative to give a new generation of volunteers the means to intervene, to acquire and to share their experience in the management of the community centre.

A committee was formed consisting of five members aged 32 to 46. With the committee, a new generation has emerged to preserve the programming and management of the facilities for future generations, with the support of the council.

The facilities offer a wide range of possibilities, from talent shows, sports tournaments, bingo nights, concerts and events to activities for young people.

To achieve the objectives of the community center, the public entity allocates funding in addition to the approved funding that the committee was able to obtain from Oranje Fonds, which is part of the Cooperating Funds Caribbean, founded to support social initiatives in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom.

Joel C. Hicks