The laws will further strengthen the social protection of citizens: Dy speaker

HE the Deputy Chairman of the Shura Council, Dr. Hamda bint Hassan al-Sulaiti, said that the two bills on social insurance and military retirement approved yesterday by the Council will strengthen the social protection of the Qatari citizen and will meet the aspirations of retirees, stressing that the bills reflect the concern of wise leaders to ensure the well-being of all citizens without exception.

In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), she said the bills come in fulfillment of the lofty directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, aimed at providing a decent life for the citizens, in addition to its concern to improve the standard of living of all in such a way as to guarantee them dignity and peace of mind, including retirees who have made great efforts to serve the country and contribute to its growth and prosperity.
She pointed out that the two projects represent a major leap forward which has benefited pensioners and citizens in general, adding that the increase in the minimum pension will achieve balance and stability and help keep pace with rapid changes and to cope with the cost of living. HE the Vice President said that two bills would create a balance and include new categories that had not been covered by insurance protection, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, aimed at ensuring the continuation of a decent life for citizens, generation after generation.
She noted that the articles of the two bills underscored the wise leaders’ concern for women, motherhood and the family, as well as support for Qatar’s continued efforts to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. She referred to the amendments made to the two bills concerning the widow’s pension, in order to help her meet the cost of living and support her children, since the two bills provided for an increase in the share of the widow’s pension to 100% in the absence of beneficiaries, and also provided for the right to keep the pension without reduction in the event of the resignation of the insured (woman) to take care of her disabled children.
She also pointed out that the articles of the two projects include many aspects related to society and respond to the aspirations of retirees and the development of society. HE Dr. Hamda al-Sulaiti noted that the bills include more than 25 new features, the most important of which was to set the minimum and maximum pension and to allow having more than one pension or salary, pointing out that such benefits will not only help improve the conditions of retirees, it will also help raise the country’s rating in several global indicators.
She praised the cooperation and integration between the Council and the government in the study of the two bills. She said that the Council and the government were keen to draft the two bills so that they would be published in a proper way that meets the aspirations of the citizens.
She thanked the chairman and members of the joint committee formed by the legal and legislative affairs committees and the financial and economic affairs committees for their appreciable efforts over the past period, in carefully and thoroughly studying the two drafts. of law to achieve these fruitful results. .

Joel C. Hicks