The Ministry of Social Development will increase the number of authorized crèches | Jordan News

Ammon News – The Ministry of Social Development is seeking to increase the number of licensed crèches in the Kingdom in a bid to achieve several goals, Amer Hiasat, director of family and protection at the ministry, said on Sunday.

Speaking to the Jordanian news agency, Petra, Hiasat said the increase in the number of nurseries will provide jobs for women, create some 70,000 jobs and achieve early childhood education development goals.

He noted that the ministry’s strategic plan for 2022-2026 focuses on programs that aim to develop early childhood education in a way that aligns with the national social protection strategy.

Hiasat noted that the National Human Resource Development Strategy 2015-2025 mainly focuses on the development of early childhood education, including nurseries. The strategy shows that only 3% of kindergarten-aged children will actually join these schools, he added.

The director noted that the latest study shows that 1% of the total number of children in Jordan are enrolled in nurseries out of 1.4 million children. To accommodate the total number of kindergarten-aged children in the Kingdom, 40,000 crèches would need to be created. Only 1,159 approved crèches are currently operating, according to the director.

The ministry also told Petra that it has issued regulations for licensing unlicensed home nurseries, but so far only two nurseries have received licenses despite there being no no fees for licensing procedures.

The ministry also stated that it is open to cooperation with all partners from civil and private institutions and organizations to prepare policies and empowerment mechanisms to increase the number of child care centers in various public sectors, civil community institutions and the private sector.

Joel C. Hicks