The US blockade against Cuba hinders social development – English version

Cuba’s representation at the United Nations said on Monday that the social development of the countries will be impossible as long as unilateral coercive measures such as the American blockade against the Caribbean island persist.

In his speech during the general discussion of the 60th session of the Commission for Social Development, Cuban Ambassador Yusnier Romero explained how the blockade of Washington, unprecedentedly intensified during the Covid-19 pandemic, directly affects the quality life of an entire people and hinders public services in his country.

Such a policy of hostility is an affront to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, violates human rights and constitutes the main obstacle to the economic and social development of Cuba, he stressed. .

“Between January and July 2021 alone, the blockade caused damage to Cuba of more than two billion dollars in all spheres of society, including health care, agriculture, food, education, culture, tourism, transport, communications and biopharmaceuticals. industry.”

Despite this mechanism, Cuba continues to prioritize the protection of its population, especially in the context of the pandemic, underlined the Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN.

In addition, my country is the only one in Latin America to have developed its own vaccines against Covid-19, with more than 34 million doses administered, as an essential step to control the spread of the virus and begin to recover from the pandemic. .

Out of a population of just over 11 million, 9.8 million people have already been vaccinated and 5.3 million have received a booster dose, he said.

Cuba was also the first country to have a mass vaccination program against Covid-19 for children two years and older, Romero pointed out.

Likewise, since the beginning of the pandemic, the Cuban government has implemented various labor, salary, tax, security and social assistance measures to protect the most vulnerable sectors of the population, in order to that no one be left unprotected, the diplomat noted.

Despite the pandemic, Cuba is strengthening its health programs for children, young people, people with disabilities and the elderly, the ambassador said.

In the same way, it diversifies the sources of employment and improves the institutions responsible for providing quality public services to the population.

On the other hand, progress is continuing in housing programs and a strong impetus is being given to the recovery and local development of vulnerable communities and neighborhoods, he explained.

“All this would be much less difficult and less costly, and superior results could be obtained, if Cuba did not have to live under a policy of undeserved punishment such as that represented by the blockade of the United States.”

The Cuban ambassador also warned that developing countries face a greater impact from the Covid-19 pandemic and have fewer resources to deal with it.

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Last modification: February 15, 2022

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