University of Utah suspends all fraternity and sorority socials following second report of sexual assault

“All social activities at the University of Utah fraternity and sorority chapters have been suspended for two weeks,” Vice President of Student Affairs Lori McDonald wrote in the newspaper. letter sent to students Monday.

Philanthropic and business operations can continue in chapter houses, the McDonald’s letter says.

The action against fraternities and sororities came after the university announced on January 26 that the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (OEO) had been notified of a sexual assault that allegedly took place. held at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house on September 22.

A student told the university that the incident happened while they were attending a “Wine Wednesday” party at the fraternity house, where wine was served by the fraternity, according to a university security alert.

In a statement, the Delta-Sigma chapter at the University of Utah told CNN that a formal complaint has been filed against the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

“Kappa Sigma House will continue to cooperate with the University of Utah and the Salt Lake City Police Department during this investigation. The subject of the investigation is not a member of this fraternity and has never been a insider of this Chapter. Men of the Delta – The Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma condemns sexual assault in all its forms,” ​​the statement read.

On Monday, the university notified students, faculty and staff of a second anonymously reported sexual assault. The incident allegedly happened at another unidentified fraternity house in early December, according to the letter.

In the letter sent to students, the university said it shared both reports with Salt Lake City police.

Salt Lake City Police Department spokesman Brent Weisberg told CNN on Tuesday that the department is investigating the first reported sexual assault, but is not investigating the second reported sexual assault at this time.

“Because there are so few details about the second case, we do not have the capacity to open a formal investigation. However, we are prepared to take statements and provide resources and advocacy to survivors of any sexual assault,” Weisberg said.

The University of Utah announced in the letter that meetings with fraternity and sorority leaders have been initiated to discuss the incidents.

Joel C. Hicks