Welfare Ireland: Department of Social Welfare changes telephone numbers for all social services

The Department of Social Welfare has announced changes to its phone numbers for all social services.

Changes to ComReg announced at the end of last year resulted in all 1890 numbers being replaced by 0818.

A call won’t cost more than a regular call to a landline from any phone, and if your mobile plan includes free calls to landlines, you won’t be charged extra.

Every social welfare department now uses an 0818 number, including the back-to-school clothing and footwear allowance section, child allowance and the school meals section, to name but a few.

The full list of new phone numbers is available here.

This is just the latest change that social recipients will have to get used to.

On December 30, Social Care Minister Heather Humphreys announced that future jobseeker benefits could be linked to claimants’ wages before they became unemployed.

“I’m going to be looking now in the new year to move unemployment benefits to the post offices because, in all honesty, the post office was where people got their money before the pandemic, and that’s always been the case,” said Minister Humphreys.

“What we have at the moment with the PUP is five different groups and I think we can learn from that,” Minister Humphreys told the Irish Independent.

“Obviously we were still in the middle of this pandemic but it’s something I want to highlight and would love to look at proposals.”

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Joel C. Hicks