Work requires social protection and sustainable jobs

The Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) has demanded that stakeholders of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for a Just Transition for Nigeria and the Green Jobs Project in Nigeria, recognize the importance of a process participatory and representative social dialogue involving all social partners to promote high employment rates. , and adequate social protection.

NLC Secretary General, Comrade Emma Ogboaja, who said this at the official inauguration of the Just Transition and Green Jobs Project in Abuja on Monday, listed the demands: “That the Nigerian Just Transition and Green Jobs Project green jobs must be based on social dialogue.

“Nigeria’s just transition and green jobs project must pay attention to social protection. As a developing country highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and struggling with social dislocations such as high unemployment and high crime rates, it is important to expand the social safety net to ensure that the transition from a fossil fuel-based system towards a green economy does not aggravate our scourge of misery.

“The Just Transition and Green Jobs Project should make sustainable job creation the epicenter of its policy. The quest is simple – for every job lost to fossil fuels, we should aim to replace those jobs with at least four green jobs. In this way, we will help the ordinary Nigerian to take ownership of this project.

“We demand that our government invest in research and innovation. This will help scale existing green technologies and develop new ones. Developed countries should also be ready to share their knowledge, experience and expertise on green technologies.

“Finally, central to our concern as organized labor is that workers are trained, skilled and re-skilled to migrate from fossil fuel and emissions-laden jobs to cleaner, greener jobs.”

The NLC GS further added, “We seek the support of the Nigerian government, employers and international development organizations in the continued efforts of the Nigeria Labor Congress to sensitize workers on the need to embrace the just transition initiatives. and green jobs.

“Stress that the just transition of labor and the creation of decent and quality jobs are essential to ensure an effective and inclusive transition towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development and to build public support for achieving the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

Joel C. Hicks