Workshop talks about messaging, social protection awareness efforts

A Social Protection Communication Strategy Workshop organized by the National Social Protection Council (NSPC) on 31 August. NSPC

Communication strategies will always remain the key to the success of government initiatives such as building a social protection system, according to Pen Sophea, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Sophea was speaking at a workshop on the communication strategy for social protection organized by the National Council for Social Protection (CNPS) on August 31. Also present were representatives of ministries and development partners as well as civil society organizations (CSOs).

Sophea highlighted that this workshop and training underscored the NSPC’s willingness and commitment to its role of continuing to develop a strong and sustainable social protection system that will benefit people from any group targeted for assistance.

“In order to achieve this communication and outreach campaign, NSPC is focusing on proactive outreach by broadcasting on TV and radio and placing large banners in public places and working with local and international press, as well than through social media,” she said.

She said that because of the campaign, people are now more aware of the benefits of the social welfare system and other programs that the government has sponsored, including financial assistance to poor and vulnerable households during the Covid pandemic. -19, increasing the salaries of civilian civil servants and members of the armed forces, adjusting the pensions of civil servants and veterans to cope with inflation or other economic pressures, and implementing the social security system for retirement pensions in the private sector.

Chan Narith – Under Secretary of State in the Ministry and Secretary General of NSPC – said the workshop and one-day training course were an important part of the process of developing and building a social protection system. modern and responsive Cambodian.

There are two main objectives, he noted, the first of which is to increase the effectiveness of communication and dissemination of social protection messages and information. The second is to promote cooperation in communication and dissemination between relevant ministries and institutions, development partners and CSOs.

“Cambodia’s social protection system has evolved in a progressive direction as reflected in the NSPP 2016-2025 framework and under the guidance and leadership of the NSPC with Finance Minister Aun Pornmoniroth as Chairman,” he said. he declares.

He said it was the third time that such a training course was organized, but it was different from previous ones due to the participation of all stakeholders including development partners and civil society.

This workshop, he said, not only focused on knowledge, training, communication and dissemination of information to those who need it most, but also addressed the goal of a increased cooperation in communication and dissemination between ministries, state institutions and CSOs. These include those working on social protection generally and location-specific development partners and CSOs operating in remote and hard-to-reach areas, such as those assisting indigenous communities and that the found throughout Cambodia.

Corinna Heinake, program manager for social health protection at the German Agency for International Development (GIZ), praised Sophea for its active and well-coordinated work to build an inclusive social protection system, and in particular for their close cooperation with NGOs, CSOs and external partners.

She said that GIZ will continue its public relations and dissemination cooperation with the NSPC General Secretariat and relevant ministries and institutions, and participate in building a social protection system that can reach all citizens.

Recently, the NSPC officially launched the “Social Protection Communication Strategy” which it said in a press release is an important strategy to promote communication and dissemination on the social protection system for it. allow to grow, to advance and to reach all target groups throughout the Kingdom.

Joel C. Hicks